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Communicare takes action to protect albatross tenants (7 May 2020)

Thursday, 7 May 2020 Communicare takes action to protect albatross tenants No-one was evicted at Albatross today. The incident at Albatross, a property owned by Communicare, dates back to September last year when locks to the premises were cut in an attempt to hijack and illegally occupy the building. These people are illegal occupants not tenants. Communicare lodged a criminal case at the time and is in the process of seeking a court order to bar the culprits from illegally occupying the premises. The court will ultimately decide whether those people should be evicted. We are confident that it will do so when it finds that they have acted unlawfully by violently forcing their way onto the property. A meeting took place in the judge’s chambers today in relation to this court action which was underway long before the lockdown. The lockdown regulations provide for such proceedings to continue at court but no evictions may be carried out. “We are currently offering rental relief to all our legal tenants who may be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. We are very sympathetic to the plight of our tenants in these difficult times and we are doing all we can to assist tenants who have fallen on hard time,” said Michelle Matthee, Stakeholder Relations Manager at Communicare. - End For more information: Statement: Communicare Acts to Protect Tenants in Building Hijacking https://communicare.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Communicare-Acts-to-Protect-Tenants-in-Building-Hijacking-11-Sept-2019.pdf Communicare offers rental relief for tenants affected by lockdown https://communicare.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/PRESS-RELEASE-Communicare-offers-rental-relief-for-tenants-affected-by-lockdown-29-April-2020.pdf Please refer to clause 6 in the case before the ombuds that Communicare won with regard to statements issued by Neville Petersen: https://communicare.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Response-to-Ombuds-30-January-2020.pdf Download Press Release

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Communicare offers rental relief for tenants affected by lockdown (29 April 2020)

29 April 2020 Communicare offers rental relief for tenants affected by lockdown PresidentRamaphosa’sdeclaration ofa National State of Disasterto curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus wasin the interest of the wellbeing and safety of all in South Africa. The lockdown has severely disrupted our economy and has grave impacts for those with low incomes in our society. It presents new challenges for Communicare and our tenants. We understand that the lockdown may have thrown tenants’ income and livelihoods into turmoil.We are working with tenants to ease the impact of the lockdown on their families. “I am pleased that the President announced increases in the grants for SASSA pensioners and in the Child Support grant. This will go some way to relieving the pressure on our most vulnerable tenants. However, we recognise that for many of our tenants, this may not be sufficient to relieve the impact this lockdown is having on their households” said Anthea Houston CEO of Communicare. We know that many tenants are battling to make ends meet and keep food on the table. As a property owner we are in a good position to help these tenants. We are offering all tenants who have been financially affected by the national lockdown an opportunity to apply for special rental relief. Each application will be reviewed individually to consider what relief can be extended to the tenant. Relief may be in the form of rental deferment, rental reductionor use of the deposit. Tenants are advised to contact our call centre to apply for rental relief by emailing callcentre@communicare.org.zaor calling 0800 266737. “Communicare is going through a tough time. All developments have ground to a halt, and we are currently uncertain what the impact will be on the planned new housing developments we have in the pipeline. We are [...]

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Communicare develops 314 social housing units at Bothasig Gardens

Communicare develops 314 social housing units at Bothasig Gardens 11 November 2019 Residents of Cape Town working in and around Bothasig, Century City or the city centre who travel to work from far flung areas, now have an opportunity to live much closer to work. Construction is began on 4thNovemberon land owned by Communicare in Bothasig for 314 newrental housingunits. Phase 1 of Bothasig Gardens compromises 165 units completed in 1994 and Phase 2 was occupied in 2013 with120 units under the government’s social housing programme. Phase 3 extends the social housing by adding314 homes for familieswho would otherwise find living in Bothasig unaffordable. The social housing developed by Communicareis a result of the organisation’sinnovative approach to financing housing delivery. To grow its portfolio of social housing, Communicarecross subsidisessocial housing from its otherproperty sales and rentals. The surplus generated is used, in part, to fund the development of social housing. This model makes it possible forCommunicareto allocateover R20mof its own funds to developthe socialhousing at Bothasig Gardens. A total of R162.8m will be spent on this development financed through a combination of Communicare funds, commercial loans and government grants.A loan of R33m has been raised from Mergence Infrastructure and Development Debt Fund, an impact fundmanaged by Mergence Investment Managers. “We are pioneers in impact investment in South Africa. We choose to work with well managed institutions such as Communicare that make a social and economic difference to people’s lives. We believe that our partnership with Communicare on the Bothasig Gardens development will assist in increasing the availability of affordable residential rental accommodation in Cape Town.” Mark Van Wyk, Head of Unlisted Investments at Mergence. The development will afford 314 families the opportunitynto be closer to work opportunities, to main transport routes along the N1, to schools, hospitalsand local shopping [...]

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Four years of rental discounts for Communicare’s SASSA pensioners

08 November 2019 For the fourth consecutive year, Communicare will be offering rental concessions to pensioners solely dependent on SASSA grants. We are excited to open applications to all qualifying SASSA pensioners for rental concessions in 2020. Communicare hand delivered concession forms to pensioners in each complex in our portfolio. The discounts will provide financial relief to all senior tenants who have no other form of income, besides their SASSA Older Person’s Grant. Applications close on 18 November 2019 and can be emailed to rentalconcessions@communicare.org.zaor hand delivered to our office in Pinelands. Our staff can also be called upon to assist with completing and collecting application forms to make it easier for our senior tenants. “Based on the surplus, I’m pleased that we can extend the rental concessions for another year. I know times are tough and this must come as a welcome relief to SASSA pensioners. We cross subsidise pensioners rent as a result of our restructuring. The income this generates is ploughed back into supporting our tenants, especially old age pensioners,” said Faieda Jacobs, General Manager of Rental Property. Since our formation in the 1920s, Communicare has made a social impact with income generating activities to bring discounted rentals to the Cape Town community. Our current innovative social enterprise model ensures that the organisation can continue to do this in future, while also investing in new developments for the benefit of residents of Cape Town. In October 2019, 138 new apartments in Musgrave Park opened for new tenants in our goodfind Properties portfolio and in November 2020 Communicare will begin construction on 314 social housing units in Phase 3 of Bothasig Gardens. Both developments are in well-established neighbourhoods, allowing tenants to live close to work opportunities and amenities such as schools and hospitals. In 2018, we were [...]

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