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Cape Argus – Request for Correction (Welverdiend)

17 October 2019 (Sent via email) Cape Argus - Request for Correction (Welverdiend) Dear Edwin As a credible newspaper it is important that you establish the facts before you publish any information, especially a story that brings Communicare into disrepute. The fact that several tenants claim that they were paid R4000 or served notice to vacate Welverdiend does not make it true. I have stated categorically on several occasions that Communicare did not offer any tenants an incentive of R4000, nor that we have served formal notice. There is no corroborating evidence of this and your conclusions are based purely on hearsay. I find this type of reporting irresponsible, negligent and defamatory. We have engaged with several other tenants who are willing to move. You may want to speak to some of them in the interest of fair and balanced reporting. I also suggest that your reporter and publication acquaint yourselves with the process of evictions. I have made it very clear on several occasions that Communicare had no authority to evict any tenants. That is the prerogative of the courts. All we have done is to inform the tenants of our intention to demolish the building. It's unfortunate that you consider this a "question of semantics". It's not, it's the law. It is regrettable that you have infringed your own press code. If the online article is not corrected and you decline to print our right to reply, I have no option but to pursue recourse through the ombudsman. Regards Michelle Matthee Download Press Release

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Letter to Hon Cameron Dugmore

23 October 2019 Hon Cameron Dugmore Leader of the Official Opposition Room 4-22, 7 Wale Street Cape Town 8001 Dear Leader of the Official Opposition in the Western Cape Legislature, Cameron Dugmore This is a matter of urgency, so please excuse the short-to-the-point nature of this email and apologies if my tone sounds abrupt. We would like you and the Minister of Human Settlements to intervene in a situation regarding human lives, homes and the elderly. South Africa is facing a housing crisis and Communicare prides itself at being part of the solution. We care deeply about the crisis and for our tenants. There has recently been much misinformation and disinformation being spread regarding the redevelopment of Welverdiend, 22 Rouwkoop Avenue, Rondebosch and the re-location of our tenants in that property. This has resulted in a planned street assembly protest on 25 October 2019 (this Friday). The protest mobilisation message being spread on Social Media and Whatsapp does the following: 1. Incites expropriation of Communicare land. 2. Falsely accuses Communicare of evicting tenants. 3. Falsely accuses Communicare of stealing property and land. 4. Falsely accuses Communicare of abusing pensioners. We respect the rights of people to protest but regard these destructive false accusations designed to mobilise protest action as unacceptable and abhorrent. We take this matter very seriously. As the rumour-mongering is adding additional stress and anxiety for the elderly amidst an already stressful situation. Communicare has nothing to hide and since the beginning of its transformation has been positively contributing to our country's development, and in particular the Western Cape. We are a partner to every sphere of government in the delivery and provision of housing to the under-served Social and Affordable Housing markets. Moreover, we are doing this in ways that advance the National Development Plan with [...]

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Ageing tenants to be relocated due to failing infrastructure at Welverdiend

15 October 2019 Ageing tenants to be relocated due to failing infrastructure at Welverdiend The welfare of older and vulnerable tenants is our first priority when considering relocation. This does become necessary from time to time if a building administered by Communicare reaches a state where repairs are no longer feasible. That is what is happening at Welverdiend in Rondebosch, a residential development owned by Communicare. We fully understand the stress that may be caused to older people, some of whom have lived at Communicare premises for most of their adult life, and old age. We have held a meeting with tenants and we are having individual consultations with every tenant to understand their needs and make their transition to new accommodation as smooth as possible. Communicare will pay for relocation and ensure that there are no additional costs for vulnerable tenants. We have committed to providing similar, alternative accommodation for all tenants affected by the proposed demolition. We have given considerable thought to the relocation process and have made units available in a number of developments, in well located areas, managed by Communicare. Communicare is committed to ensure that no tenant is left without a place to go. We have sufficient alternative options within our portfolio and our social workers are working closely with and supporting our elderly tenants. Accommodation is currently available in the surrounding complexes at Creswell House in Newlands, Musgrave Park in Diep River, Dreyersdal in Bergvliet and Mez Wallach in Lakeside. We already have 45 elderly tenants who have started the process of securing alternative accommodation. We have committed to give tenants 6 months notice to vacate, prior to the building being demolished. As yet, no tenant has as yet been issued with a formal notice to vacate. Welverdiend is a 68-year-old building originally [...]

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Communicare Acts to Protect Tenants in Building Hijacking

Communicare Acts to Protect Tenants in Building Hijacking 11 September 2019 Communicare is extremely concerned about the escalating threats and attempts to trespass and hijack several of its properties in Cape Town. As far as Communicare can establish a group of people have been cutting locks and breaking into Communicare premises in an attempt to hijack buildings. These acts are a serious violation of the law and have been reported to SAPS. Dennehof and Albatross apartments in Thornton as well as two freestanding houses in Ruyterwacht have been affected in the last three weeks. Vacant units being repaired or waiting for new tenants to move in are being targeted by the group. Some of those organising these invasions include a few tenants and have already been arrested and appeared in court against charges of obstructing justice as well as contempt of court. In March, the High Court had interdicted them from unlawfully occupying units and from inciting others to so. In February, the group held an unarmed security guard at gunpoint to obtain keys of vacant units. Last night, the group once again resorted to violence and beat a security guard into submission to obtain keys to a house. Apart from using excessive force, these individuals prey on the severe need for housing in the city and fraudulently claim to own the properties. They claim to be the “Body Corporate” for the complexes concerned, then illegally collect ‘rent’ from some of those they put into the units. Others taking illegal occupation are their relatives and friends. They have been intimidating and harassing Communicare’s legitimate tenants. The safety of our legal tenants remains our primary concern. Many tenants have young children, are single moms or are elderly. This is why we have implemented stricter security and access control measures in [...]

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Relocation of Communicare to new business premises

19 August 2019 The Communicare family is excited to inform you that we will be moving office on the 23rd August 2019. As of the 26th of August we will be at our new business premises, Park Lane Office Park (next to Vincent Pallotti Hospital). Please note that we will have limited staff and telephone lines for reception and call centre from 13h00 on the 23rd. Our telephone numbers and email addresses remain unchanged, with a change of our physical address as stated below: From 26 August 2019: Block A, Park Lane 2 Park Road, Pinelands, Cape Town Our Communicare Call Centre remains your primary point of contact for all tenant enquries. 0800 266 737 or callcentre@communicare.org.za. Please contact us with any further questions you have concerning our new location and address change. We look forward to continuing our business with you at our new address. Yours Sincerely, Communicare Download Press Release


A step closer to integrated housing developments

15 August 2019A step closer to integrated housing developmentsCape Town moved a step closer to integrated housing development this week when the City approved the rezoning application at the Salt River Market site.The approval of the rezoning paves the way for a ground-breaking mixed-use development at the Salt River Market site. The built form of the landmark Salt River hall will be preserved, acknowledging the history of the site. The surrounding area will, however, be transformed into a safer vibrant public space, providing improved access to the Salt River station. The new development will integrate social housing with gap housing, recreational areas and economic activity in the form of retail stores and informal trading.The City’s approval of the rezoning comes six years after Communicare responded to the City’s bid to develop the Salt River Market site. We’ve invested 6 years of work in the project because we believe in the vision of a mixed use development which the City articulated for the site in 2013.The brief the City gave Communicare then and the development we subsequently proposed, supports the Cape Town Municipal Spatial Development Framework by intensifying residential density and development inside the existing built footprint of the City. This approach allows the local authority to utilise the existing infrastructure in Salt River, reducing pressure on their spending.The proposed development is also well aligned with the City’s Table Bay District Plan which earmarks the Salt River Market and surrounding area for mixed use development and which has densification along public transport routes, spatial restructuring, integration and mixed use development as some of its principles.All the work is now bearing fruit and set to benefit the residents of Cape Town who deserve decent and affordable housing that is close to public transport and work opportunities.“It is a small step towards addressing [...]

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Communicare concludes investigation into collusive practices

12 April 2019 Communicare announced an investigation in October 2018 into alleged collusive practices between suppliers and staff. The investigation has been concluded and these are the key findings, recommendations and actions taken by Communicare, as a result. The investigation focussed on allegations against employees in the Rental Property Management division. Nine staff took leave in order to conduct the investigation without interference. One of these employees resigned before the investigation was concluded. The investigation covered the period from 1 July 2017 to 31 August 2018. The aim of the investigation was to determine if there was any substance to the allegation of collusive procurement practices between a few staff and three suppliers. The investigators conducted interviews with various staff and suppliers, reviewed documents, assessed systems and processes, conducted polygraph tests and inspected some leased premises where maintenance had been conducted. Key findings of the report: 1. Work conducted by certain suppliers had not been completed satisfactorily. 2. Costs were inflated in some instances. 3. Five staff were complicit in either receiving payment from suppliers or may have assisted to inflate costs. 4. One manager was negligent in his actions when allegations were brought to his attention. 5. In some instances, tenant application processes had been manipulated. Key recommendations of the report: 1. Disciplinary actions should be instituted against employees where prima facie evidence exists of dishonesty and gross negligence. 2. Civil claims should be instituted against suppliers to recover certain costs. 3. Criminal cases should be instituted against employees and affected suppliers where evidence was found of fraud, theft, curruption and racketeering. Contracts with all implicated employees and suppliers have since been terminated. Employees have been dismissed or have resigned after internal disciplinary processes were instituted. Communicare has also reported the fraud to the South African Police so [...]

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Relocation of Yes! Properties to new business premises

Please be informed of our change of address. Yes! Properties’ sales and development stock in Kuils river and Mandalay has been depleted, with no new sales developments in the foreseeable future. Yes! Properties, Communicare’s sales division, will therefore join the existing Communicare team and relocate to new business premises on 31 July 2019. Yes! Properties’ physical office will locate at the following physical address as follows: From 1 August 2019: 5th Floor Communicare Centre 2 Roggebaai Square, Walter Sisulu Avenue, Foreshore, Cape Town From 1 September 2019: Block A, Park Lane 2 Park Road, Pinelands, Cape Town To reach Yes!Properties, your primary point of contact is Marina Botha (marina@yesproperties.co.za or 0214216008). She is available to finalise the remainder of Yes! Properties’ contractual obligations. Future enquiries or requests can also be made through the Communicare Call Centre (0800 266 737 or callcentre@communicare.org.za). Please contact us with any further questions you have concerning our new location or our future services. We look forward to continuing our business with you at our new address. Yours Sincerely, Yes! Properties Download Press Release

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