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Formidable Woman Feature: Kara Ascott

Communicare doesn’t need just one month to celebrate its female employees! Celebrate with us as we feature our formidable women all year round! Kara Ascott, Leasing Manager gives us insight into her career journey. How to lead from behind: Lessons in property management Q.   Take us through your journey in real estate, how did it begin and how did you know this was to become your career? Kara Ascott: Leasing Manager A.   Years ago,  two partners I was in business with at the time started looking at alternative options to renting office space in Cape Town Central.  Rental offices in Cape Town CBD were exorbitant and traffic in and out of the city center was a nightmare during peak season! We formed a property holding company and purchased a commercial property in Pinelands Business Park through Divaris Property Brokers and moved our offices from Cape Town CBD to Pinelands. A few years later, the partners came to a mutual decision to dissolve the business and the unit was once again sold through Divaris Property Brokers.  I was then approached by Divaris and asked if I would like to try out a career in commercial real estate.  At the time I thought they were crazy as I knew very little about commercial property, but, after some thought and much convincing, I agreed. I spent three years with the Divaris family “learning the ropes” of commercial property and loved every minute of it! An opportunity later opened up with JHI (now Excellerate JHI), where I managed to gain experience in facilities management (Old Mutual portfolio) and leasing (Sanlam, Capital, Nordic, Gemgrow, and Subrolinx portfolios). Q.   What are the biggest misconceptions about a career in property management and real estate? A.   That it is an easy job with big returns. Nothing [...]


Media Release: Communicare mourns the loss of a tenant

20 September 2021 For immediate release A fire broke out in an apartment in one of Communicare's complexes called Creswell House in Newlands on the morning of Sunday 19 September 2021. The manager of the complex called the fire department who successfully extinguished the fire. Regrettably, an 85-year-old tenant, who was found unconscious in the apartment was pronounced deceased, as attempts to resuscitate him failed. "I am devastated to learn of the passing of one of our tenants who was part of the Communicare family for many years. I extend my condolences to his family on behalf of Communicare during this tough time," said Makhosi Kubheka, COO of Communicare. Affected tenants and the family of the deceased have been offered trauma and grief counselling by Communicare Social Development Officers, who are qualified social workers. The cause of the fire is currently unknown. The South African Police Service (SAPS) are investigating the incident and the tragic loss of life. There were no injuries to other tenants at Creswell House. ENDS- For further information contact: Balisa Mancayi Bntloko@communicare.org.za 021 421 6008


Formidable Woman feature: Noma-Afrika Maxwele

Noma-Afrika Maxwele, Vulamathuba Manager Communicare doesn’t need just one month to celebrate its female employees – celebrate with us as we feature our formidable women all year round! Noma-Afrika Maxwele, Vulamathuba Manager gives us insight into her career journey. Why it is so important to empower young people and prepare them as a future workforce. Practical resources for a Black Child from the township, who is ambitious & determined to succeed against all odds. Q.   You’re passionate about youth empowerment and skills development. Take us through when you made this discovery, what were the circumstances in your life? A.   After completing matric with limited opportunities to study further and a lack of career guidance I decided to join the post-matric “bridging year” programme that The South African Educational Projects run for a small group of township youth that recently matriculated to help prepare for further studies or training and careers. The opportunity opened my mind to Post School Education and Training, youth empowerment, and the gap in the system for every black child to access the opportunities. Since then I have made a conscious decision to live on the following values:   Purposeful  - I live every day with a determination to make a positive change in society. This includes the employment/project opportunity I embark on needs to be aligned to my values and resonate with the person that I am. Empowerment -  I drive youth development and opening up spaces for every underprivileged youth and adult to access the available skills development opportunities, whether is it through engagement or sharing of available resources. Fulfillment – At the end of the day I look each day with gratitude and the work I do gives me great joy, knowing I am making a difference. Impactful – I want to [...]


Formidable Woman Feature: Carol Procter

Women in Construction Communicare doesn't need just one month to celebrate its female employees - celebrate with us as we feature our formidable women all year round! Carol Procter, Property Development Manager gives us insight into her construction career journey. Carol Procter, Property Development Manager at Communicare Q.    Take us through your journey in construction, how did it begin and how did you know this was to become your career? A.    My father instilled in me my love of construction and technical things as I was growing up. I studied Quantity Surveying at UCT and then followed by doing a master’s in Construction Economics and Management. My working career started as a junior quantity surveyor which gave me a good understanding of both the technical and financial side of construction projects. From quantity surveying, I then moved to project management and from there became a property development manager. I knew this would be my career from the start, as the construction and property industry has always filled me with excitement and passion. Q.   What opportunities helped you become a force in the field? A.     The best experience I gained was working on tough projects, with tight deadlines, and under very pressurised circumstances. I was also guided by some formidable people with high expectations. Although it was daunting at the time, I am very grateful for the opportunities afforded me by people who believed in me.  Q.    For many years we have known that construction is a male-dominated field, in your opinion how has that evolved over the years? A.   When I started studying there was only a handful of women in the construction department at UCT. Over the years, more women have become part of the building industry. Sadly, I am still sometimes the only [...]

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Media Release: Ruyterwacht sale campaign gathers momentum

31 August 2021 The transfer of homes to Communicare tenants in Ruyterwacht has begun after the organisation announced in March this year its intention to sell its property in the Cape Town suburb. This follows several sales campaigns since the 1980s to sell free-standing houses in Ruyterwacht and Brooklyn. Communicare has already facilitated homeownership for 1 500 former tenants. The remaining 271 houses are now being sold together with flats, group housing and townhouses. Since March, Communicare has had several community engagements to assist current tenants to purchase their properties, assisted tenants with finance options, negotiated the sale of several blocks of flats and successfully negotiated the transfer of tenants’ lease agreements to new managing agents. Apart from several tenant engagements, Communicare also conducted a survey to assess interest in the sales campaign. The organisation is encouraged that 73 % of respondents expressed an interest in owning their property. 53 % of current tenants are younger than 50 years of age and a significant number have more than one person working in their household. Only 8% have indicated a bad credit score. By all accounts, many of our tenants will qualify to buy the homes they currently rent in Ruyterwacht. Several finance options are available to tenants to make homeownership a reality. New homeowners Currently sale agreements for 17 houses have been signed by prospective owners who were previously tenants, of which 5 are in the process of being transferred. A young couple, Annique Hartzenberg (29) and Adolph Wayne Meyer were the first to respond with all the necessary documentation required to purchase their home in Ruyterwacht. Their keen interest ensured a successful home loan application and conclusion of the sale process. Annique and Adolph have been tenants of Communicare for two years with their two children. Annique said that [...]


Formidable Woman Feature: Kholeka Zama

As we conclude women’s month, Communicare celebrates formidable women in its ecosystem and shares their career experiences. Kholeka Zama Communicare board Chairperson, WESGRO Chief Financial Officer Q. Take us through your journey as a Chartered Accountant, how did it begin and how did you know this was to become your career? A.   I wanted to be a psychiatrist until I looked at the grade 11 biology file while in grade 9. The sheer volume and complexity intimidated me into choosing technical drawing instead. Looking at my subject choices, I could comfortably have selected a various number of disciplines.   Resource limitations dictated that I could only apply to one institution, I selected accounting at Wits and prayed on it.  I then followed it up with 17 funding applications.  When the only response I received was one invitation to a panel accounting bursary interview and one acceptance into BCom accounting, I realised that this alternative career choice has chosen me. So I embraced it since then and never looked back, even while I repeated my CTA three times before successfully qualifying as a CA(SA) (still within the 7 years it takes to get the qualification). Q. What are the biggest misconceptions about a career in accounting? A.   Although essential to every business, accounting is considered repetitive, tedious, and boring.  The reason why mathematics is the key ingredient in an advanced accounting career is that every strategic intent is justified through a financial assessment.  As an accountant, if you volunteer to apply your skills as part of a multi-discipline project team involved in innovations and strategic implementations within your industry, you realise that numbers are alive and tell a story very critical to decision making. Q. What have been the proudest moments in your career? A.    Handing over the keys [...]

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Communicare makes home ownership possible in Ruyterwacht

6 March 2021 Social enterprise non-profit, Communicare will exit its operations in Ruyterwacht after 83 years of owning and managing property in the Cape Town suburb. All property in Ruyterwacht is being sold. This includes freestanding houses as well as flats, group housing, and townhouses. The momentous decision creates an opportunity for the tenants in the free-standing houses to become home-owners. Communicare is encouraging tenants of free-standing houses to purchase their properties. These houses will be sold below market value. Communicare will discount the property taking the condition of the house and the value of the property listed in the 2018 City Council roll. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for tenants to own a house. Communicare will make attractive offers and facilitate other options with banking institutions and government agencies to enable tenants to purchase their homes. Flats, group housing and townhouses are being sold to property investors to take over the management of the rental apartments. It is anticipated that the investors would include smaller investors from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, a move that will facilitate, some much-needed transformation in the property sector. Some of the interested buyers are new black entrants into the sector. The new owners will take over lease agreements and the management and maintenance of the properties. Since the1980s Communicare has had several sales campaigns to facilitate the sale of the free standing houses it owned in Brooklyn and Ruyterwacht. This has already facilitated home ownership for 1 500 former tenants. These are the last 271 houses in Ruyterwacht that will be sold. Apart from the free-standing houses, all town houses, group housing and 21 blocks of flats will also be sold. Ruyterwacht is not social housing Built in 1938, the suburb of Ruyterwacht benefitted the poor white community who could not afford [...]

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Communicare makes the first Ruyterwacht sale, giving a family a home

Annique Hartzenberg (29) and Adolph Wayne Meyer purchased their first home in Ruyterwacht through Communicare. Earlier this year, Communicare started a property sales campaign in Ruyterwacht, enabling their tenants to be homeowners. Annique and her partner have been tenants of Communicare for two years and wouldn’t let this opportunity miss them! She describes the purchasing process as easy and worth it. Annique said that buying a house was a dream for them, but they knew that it was a long, stressful process but, with Communicare being the middleman, everything went swiftly and before they even knew it, they were well on their way to living their dream! "Communicare was kind enough to pay our transfer and legal fees and for that, we are forever grateful". This is a new start for Annique and her family. It is indeed a proud moment. "Should anything happen to me from today I will be at peace knowing that I left my children a home". Annique also had positive things to say about the Ruyterwacht community, as safety has always been a priority for her family. According to her, knowing that they have settled in Ruyterwacht gives her peace of mind about raising her two sons there.

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Bothasig Gardens Phase 3 Opens its Doors for Applications

Bothasig Gardens Phase 3 is the latest Communicare social housing development to be officially launched to the public. This brand new collection of homes has been created with secure, convenient lifestyle in mind and will give housing access to families who are otherwise struggling to find quality housing they can afford and enjoy. To meet the criteria for application, households should earn a minimum of R 1 500 and a maximum of R 15 000 as a joint income. Single tenants are welcome if they have financial dependents living with them and will find Bothasig Gardens Phase 3 a safe, communal environment for young families to bring their children into. If you’re thinking of applying for a rental at Bothasig Gardens Phase 3 it’s important to note that you will have to provide supporting documents and you will not be able to apply if you have previously been a recipient of a social housing subsidy. You will also not be able to apply if you own any other properties. The apartments at Bothasig Gardens Phase 3 have heat pumps and eco-fittings to bring down utilities costs, play areas and equipment for children and a community centre is being built. The complex has been designed to be close to schools, employment opportunities and transport routes – and it’s just waiting for you to make it home! The applications are flooding in so don’t delay. Start your journey to safe and secure housing by applying here https://bothasiggardens.co.za/how-to-apply/ today.

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Tenants Incentive Rewards

Ever wondered how to score a discount on your monthly rental? Wonder no more: Communicare is launching the Refer-a-buddy campaign! If you are an existing tenant in good standing, we are calling on you to refer your friends to us! If your buddy applies and successfully signs a lease with us (goodfind Properties, Shared Future, and Mother City Housing Company portfolios), you get a reward. You get 50% of the value of their first month's full rental as a credit on your rent account! The campaign opens on the 1st of August 2021. T&Cs apply* Terms & Conditions The referral must be in writing addressed to the Leasing Manager, Kara Ascott (rental@communicare.org.za), setting out the following details: a) Existing tenants name, ID number, tenant code, and physical address b) Name and contact details of the person referred The person referred must not be a current tenant of Communicare nor have rented from Communicare in the preceding 12 months. Length of lease of the prospective tenant referred must be at least 24 months. The incentive will take the form of a credit on the existing tenant’s account in the month following signature of the new lease and payment of the deposit/1st month’s rental by the new referred tenant.

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