Cape Argus – Request for Correction (Welverdiend)

17 October 2019 (Sent via email)

Cape Argus – Request for Correction (Welverdiend)

Dear Edwin

As a credible newspaper it is important that you establish the facts before you publish any information, especially a story that brings Communicare into disrepute. The fact that several tenants claim that they were paid R4000 or served notice to vacate Welverdiend does not make it true. I have stated categorically on several occasions that Communicare did not offer any tenants an incentive of R4000, nor that we have served formal notice. There is no corroborating evidence of this and your conclusions are based purely on hearsay.

I find this type of reporting irresponsible, negligent and defamatory.

We have engaged with several other tenants who are willing to move. You may want to speak to some of them in the interest of fair and balanced reporting.

I also suggest that your reporter and publication acquaint yourselves with the process of evictions. I have made it very clear on several occasions that Communicare had no authority to evict any tenants. That is the prerogative of the courts. All we have done is to inform the tenants of our intention to demolish the building. It’s unfortunate that you consider this a “question of semantics”. It’s not, it’s the law.

It is regrettable that you have infringed your own press code.

If the online article is not corrected and you decline to print our right to reply, I have no option but to pursue recourse through the ombudsman.

Michelle Matthee

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