Communicare donates two houses to the Oasis Association

The Oasis Association has benefitted from the donation of two Communicare-owned houses in Ruyterwacht.

The houses were previously rented by Oasis to provide intellectually disabled individuals aged 18 years and above to live independently. The NGO offers low rental costs for people living with disabilities, and the donation from Communicare allows them to continue their offering with the added benefit of ownership of the properties.

Oasis Deputy Director, Beverly Damons, explained, “For many years, we have paid rent for two houses to provide low-cost housing to men and women with intellectual disabilities. These rental costs will now be saved. Saved costs can now be used to upgrade the living space and accommodate additional people. Better equipment can also be purchased such as cookware to use for cooking for a large group”.

Affirming the donation, General Manager for Property Development and Investment, Thabo Mashologu, said, “Our Ruyterwacht plans have ensured that existing tenants become home-owners and new property investors are able to own complexes in the area. While this change in landscape is significant, ensuring beneficial services are retained in the community is too. Oasis does important work in the Ruyterwacht community and this is Communicare’s way of ensuring that their work continues”.

Oasis has big plans for their newly-owned properties. The organisation plans to apply for a zoning departure and, if successful, they will combine the two houses to provide more space for their tenants. “A hallmark of our work is to ensure the dignity of adults with intellectual disability. By improving and expanding the existing living conditions, we believe that we entrench this dignity,” explained Beverly.

The donation of the two houses will benefit current and future Oasis residents in Ruyterwacht.

“The donation gives us the long-term security of housing for our beneficiaries. We can now plan with certainty that we now own the houses and can increase the number of residents,” she added.

“We are deeply grateful for the extraordinary generosity of Communicare.  So often people with intellectual disabilities are marginalised by society.  That Communicare considers our beneficiaries worthy of this generosity is so valued by all of us”.

“For a well-known organisation such as Communicare to endorse our work like this gives us a reputational boost as well as leverage to raise funds to effect improvements and renovations. Thank you to all at Communicare from all our beneficiaries at Oasis!”