Communicare makes the first Ruyterwacht sale, giving a family a home

Annique Hartzenberg (29) and Adolph Wayne Meyer purchased their first home in Ruyterwacht through Communicare. Earlier this year, Communicare started a property sales campaign in Ruyterwacht, enabling their tenants to be homeowners. Annique and her partner have been tenants of Communicare for two years and wouldn’t let this opportunity miss them! She describes the purchasing process as easy and worth it.

Annique said that buying a house was a dream for them, but they knew that it was a long, stressful process but, with Communicare being the middleman, everything went swiftly and before they even knew it, they were well on their way to living their dream!

“Communicare was kind enough to pay our transfer and legal fees and for that, we are forever grateful”. This is a new start for Annique and her family. It is indeed a proud moment. “Should anything happen to me from today I will be at peace knowing that I left my children a home”.

Annique also had positive things to say about the Ruyterwacht community, as safety has always been a priority for her family. According to her, knowing that they have settled in Ruyterwacht gives her peace of mind about raising her two sons there.