Compass internship success stories feature: Ntombizethu Ntantiso

The compass internship programme gives young people work experience as well as the necessary skills, to empower them in their career path. Ntombizethu Ntantiso’s story is one of the Compass programme’s celebrated success stories.

Q.   What made you apply for the Compass internship?

A.   I did not apply for the Compass program; my resume was found by then HR Officer. After receiving a call from her, I read up more about the organisation and the Compass Program. I felt that it was a great opportunity specifically in terms of providing us with experience, mentors, and other great initiatives and these are essential in the early stages of our careers. I also felt that my values aligned with the values of Communicare

Q.   Tell me more about your previous exposure to work experience, and what your expectations were for the internship?

A.    Back in varsity, I used to do student jobs such as tutoring and assisting lecturers with their admin. After graduating, I got an internship at a company in Stellenbosch. After completing my internship, I got the  Compass internship opportunity here at Communicare. I was a bit sceptical at first, as I was going to be doing another internship, but I am glad I took up the offer. Since I was still at the early stages of my career trajectory, my expectations of the internship were to gain as much experience within HR.

Q.    How did the internship match your expectations?

A.   When my internship commenced, we were hit with hard by Lockdown, but I gained a lot of experience specially in terms of the holistic HR function. My then manager was not afraid to throw me in the deep end and I got a lot of support too from my team as well.

Q.   After completing the internship, I understand you were offered a permanent position. How has the journey been so far, and have you made milestones in your HR administrator function?

A.   Well, my journey so far has been nothing, but a blessing! I am learning something new every day. I think one of the milestones that I am proud of is recruiting for this year’s compass learners, it wasn’t easy, but we got amazing interns!

Q.   What was the most rewarding thing about your new job?

A.   There are a lot, but I will mention three.

  • Being exposed to all aspects of HR.
  • I have an amazing boss lady, who is patient and takes account of my ideas.
  • I Have an amazing team too!

Q.   what would you say is the secret to earning a permanent post from your internship

A.    I think the secret is to not be afraid to try something new.

Meet your deadlines.

Always go the extra mile.

Respect your superiors and colleagues and do not be afraid to express those ideas.

Find out more about the Compass Programme and apply here. Applications close end of day on Friday, 15 October 2021