Letter to Hon Cameron Dugmore

23 October 2019


Hon Cameron Dugmore
Leader of the Official Opposition
Room 4-22, 7 Wale Street
Cape Town



Dear Leader of the Official Opposition in the Western Cape Legislature, Cameron Dugmore

This is a matter of urgency, so please excuse the short-to-the-point nature of this email and
apologies if my tone sounds abrupt.

We would like you and the Minister of Human Settlements to intervene in a situation regarding
human lives, homes and the elderly.

South Africa is facing a housing crisis and Communicare prides itself at being part of the solution.
We care deeply about the crisis and for our tenants.

There has recently been much misinformation and disinformation being spread regarding the
redevelopment of Welverdiend, 22 Rouwkoop Avenue, Rondebosch and the re-location of our
tenants in that property.

This has resulted in a planned street assembly protest on 25 October 2019 (this Friday).

The protest mobilisation message being spread on Social Media and Whatsapp does the following:

1. Incites expropriation of Communicare land.
2. Falsely accuses Communicare of evicting tenants.
3. Falsely accuses Communicare of stealing property and land.
4. Falsely accuses Communicare of abusing pensioners.

We respect the rights of people to protest but regard these destructive false accusations designed to
mobilise protest action as unacceptable and abhorrent.

We take this matter very seriously. As the rumour-mongering is adding additional stress and anxiety
for the elderly amidst an already stressful situation.

Communicare has nothing to hide and since the beginning of its transformation has been positively
contributing to our country’s development, and in particular the Western Cape.

We are a partner to every sphere of government in the delivery and provision of housing to the
under-served Social and Affordable Housing markets. Moreover, we are doing this in ways that
advance the National Development Plan with all such housing being located in locations that
promote spatial transformation. What’s more, our social development programmes provide
opportunities for the tenants to progress economically.

I attach two documents that provide more detail about what is transpiring. We are requesting an
immediate intervention from yourself and the Minister of Human Settlements to intervene and bring
calm to the situation. We have a process of engagement taking place with tenants at the
Welverdiend Property which you are welcome to actively monitor and satisfy yourselves that noone’s
rights are being violated in the redevelopment process.

Communicare also requests an investigation into the individuals and groups with sinister motives
and negative intentions towards Communicare who are spreading the disinformation and mobilising
people around lies.

Your urgent attention is appreciated.

Kind Regards,

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