Matric Results Exceed Expectations

The Vulamathuba Empumelelo’s Adult Matric class of 2023 overcame many challenges to surpass all expectations with their results. Of the twenty-one matriculants who registered for the matric programme, nineteen wrote the exams.  Three learners achieved a bachelor-level pass, two received a diploma-level pass and three higher certificate-level pass. In addition to these excellent achievements, one of the learners received a distinction (86%) for Afrikaans as a Second Language.

According to Wandile Ntengo, the programme coordinator, “I am extremely proud of these students as they achieved these successes despite only attending Saturday classes. Through their tutors’ expert guidance and the learners’ commitment, they excelled.”


Empowering Adults
“One of the primary objectives of the twelve-month programme is to provide adults who wish to either obtain a matric or improve their marks in certain subjects with the necessary qualifications to pursue further education, such as entering universities, colleges, or vocational training programmes. By obtaining a Malusi Certificate, adults can enhance their career prospects and expand their educational opportunities. Moreover, by empowering adults to complete their secondary education, the added benefit is boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem. This achievement can transform individuals, fostering a sense of personal accomplishment and opening doors to new possibilities,” explains Wandile.

And new possibilities are certainly on the horizon for the top 8 performers of 2023.

Our Top 8 Performers share their stories:

Tatum Nicole Redmond from Drommedaris in Brooklyn could not access higher institutions, so she decided to grab the opportunity to redo her five subjects to qualify for a Bachelor’s level pass. She is currently waiting for acceptance letters in higher education institutions to study education.  In her spare time, she runs an after-school programme where she tutors kids from different schools from grades 7 to 9 at her house.

According to Tatum, “The matric programme gave me a huge opportunity to do what I ‘ve wanted to do for the longest time, but because of financial struggles, I was never able to go ahead and upgrade my matric results and pursue my dreams of studying further. I’ve completed an online application for the university to study the Education Intermediate phase. Soon, I will be applying for the Vulamathuba Empumelelo bursary. I depend on some financial     assistance from Vulamathuba and love how they have motivated me to reach my goals.”

Zikhona Sokabo, from Bothasig Gardens, completed five subjects for a bachelor-level pass. She last wrote matric in 2015. Her determination and perseverance led her to where she is waiting for acceptance letters in a higher learning institution.

Khanya Gijana, from Philippi East, joined the matric programme, to improve his marks to fulfil his dream of getting a nursing qualification. This matric programme helped him achieve a bachelor-level pass and meet the qualifying criteria to apply to institutions to study nursing.

Juditte Glass, obtained her diploma-level pass after completing three subjects through the Vulamathuba Empumelelo matric programme. She last wrote matric in 2014 but wanted to improve certain subjects, which she has now accomplished. She has always wanted a career in finance and is a step closer to getting that qualification.

“Having been able to complete my matric has given me confidence. There is a sense of achievement that opens your mind to being able to move to the next step and build a strong foundation. I have always been business-minded and inclined; however, I did not have the tools to progress into my passion for finance. Now that I have completed my grade 12, I have the opportunity to go into tertiary. Being an adult is quite challenging in the sense of putting all your dreams on the back seat and running a household and everything else that comes with it. Vulamathuba has allowed people like me to realise our dreams despite their age, background, or status. They always tell us that we are not forgotten and can achieve anything with persistence and hard work. Their willingness to guide me will make me reach my goals.”

Carmel Peters is a mother and lives at Communicare’s Bothasig Gardens complex. She started the programme with a grade 9 certificate; today, she can boast a diploma-level pass. According to her, this matric programme will help her with better job opportunities. She is currently also making applications for higher education studies for 2024.

“I am so happy because I have always wanted to complete my matric. Having my matric certificate gives me hope in life. I would love to study accounting part-time at Mancosa. I would love to be part of the bursary next as I want to study further.”

Babalwa Lebaka, a wife and mother of three from Joe Slovo Park informal settlement, last wrote matric in 2014. She wanted to improve three subjects and this programme helped her obtain a higher certificate-level pass. She is currently working for one of the biggest retailers in Cape Town. She stated, This matric certificate gives me a chance to complete occupational courses that my company provides to employees and enhances my chances of promotion.

Nolan De-Klerk, a young father from the Eastern Cape, joined the programme to obtain his matric and be a better provider and role model for his son. He successfully passed the three subjects he required to get his Higher Certificate. He moved back to the Eastern Cape to be closer to his son.

Berenice Van Wyk is a wife and mother of five from Brooklyn. She was retrenched during Covid 19, and when she applied for work after the pandemic, the employers wanted a matric certificate. This, and the fact that she wanted to show her family that she could complete matric successfully, inspired her to get her matric. And despite being a bit older than the others in the class, she obtained a Higher Certificate. She is helping in her church as a Sunday school teacher and waiting for higher education institutions to accept her from the Early Childhood Development course.

The matric programme forms part of Vulamathuba Empumelelo’s overall objective to expand the organisation’s impact through innovative and focused social development interventions that create an enabling environment to advance the economic mobility of beneficiaries. Obtaining a matric certificate will help the students gain access to PIVOTAL (Professional, Vocational, Technical, and Academic Learning) Programmes, fostering a career path and an opportunity to earn a stable income.

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