10 Must-Know Load shedding tips & tricks

Loadshedding is frustrating and inconvenient for everyone. Take the pain out of power cuts with these tips:

1. Know your loadshedding schedule and plan your activities around it. Download a reputable loadshedding app on your smartphone or ask to be added to a group of friends who can keep one another updated on planned loadshedding schedule.

2. Turn off and unplug all appliances like hair dryers, stoves, heaters and curling irons when the power cuts. These items switch back on when the power resumes, can overheat and cause serious damage to your home.

3. Fill empty plastic cool drink bottles with water and place them in your deep freeze. If the power is out for a long time, take them out and put them in your fridge to keep food cold until the power comes back on.

4Keep the refrigerator doors closed. This will keep your food colder for longer.

5. Keep battery-operated lights like lamps and torches around the house when the power goes off. It’s less dangerous than using candles.

6 Get a head torch.  Many of these are available at your local hardware store. Strap the head torch around your head or get a cap with a fitted light so that you can walk around the house easily, without trying to make your way in the dark.

7. Homework by candlelight can be potentially hazardous, so make sure you have a LED lamp ready.

8. Buy glow-in-the-dark stickers and allow your children to decorate their rooms. Little stars or planets on the ceiling will brighten their night!

9. Teach your children about fire safety. Keep candles in safe containers out of reach, and don’t leave them on overnight.

10. Always ensure there are no gas leaks and switch all gas appliances off the moment you’re done with them.

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