Formidable Woman Feature: Carol Procter

Women in Construction

Communicare doesn’t need just one month to celebrate its female employees – celebrate with us as we feature our formidable women all year round! Carol Procter, Property Development Manager gives us insight into her construction career journey.

Q.    Take us through your journey in construction, how did it begin and how did you know this was to become your career?

A.    My father instilled in me my love of construction and technical things as I was growing up. I studied Quantity Surveying at UCT and then followed by doing a master’s in Construction Economics and Management. My working career started as a junior quantity surveyor which gave me a good understanding of both the technical and financial side of construction projects. From quantity surveying, I then moved to project management and from there became a property development manager. I knew this would be my career from the start, as the construction and property industry has always filled me with excitement and passion.

Q.   What opportunities helped you become a force in the field?

A.     The best experience I gained was working on tough projects, with tight deadlines, and under very pressurised circumstances. I was also guided by some formidable people with high expectations. Although it was daunting at the time, I am very grateful for the opportunities afforded me by people who believed in me.

 Q.    For many years we have known that construction is a male-dominated field, in your opinion how has that evolved over the years?

A.   When I started studying there was only a handful of women in the construction department at UCT. Over the years, more women have become part of the building industry. Sadly, I am still sometimes the only woman in the property meetings I attend.

Q.    What­­ practical strategies would you like to give to young women starting in the field?

A.    My advice to young women starting in this industry is to learn as much as they can, have respect for people in the industry and have a “can-do “approach to your work and any other challenges that come your way. In so doing, you will gain the respect of your peers (both male and female). Believe in yourself, stand strong, but remain humble too!