Media Release: Ruyterwacht sale campaign gathers momentum

31 August 2021

The transfer of homes to Communicare tenants in Ruyterwacht has begun after the organisation announced in March this year its intention to sell its property in the Cape Town suburb.

This follows several sales campaigns since the 1980s to sell free-standing houses in Ruyterwacht and Brooklyn. Communicare has already facilitated homeownership for 1 500 former tenants. The remaining 271 houses are now being sold together with flats, group housing and townhouses.

Since March, Communicare has had several community engagements to assist current tenants to purchase their properties, assisted tenants with finance options, negotiated the sale of several blocks of flats and successfully negotiated the transfer of tenants’ lease agreements to new managing agents.

Apart from several tenant engagements, Communicare also conducted a survey to assess interest in the sales campaign. The organisation is encouraged that 73 % of respondents expressed an interest in owning their property. 53 % of current tenants are younger than 50 years of age and a significant number have more than one person working in their household. Only 8% have indicated a bad credit score. By all accounts, many of our tenants will qualify to buy the homes they currently rent in Ruyterwacht. Several finance options are available to tenants to make homeownership a reality.

New homeowners
Currently sale agreements for 17 houses have been signed by prospective owners who were previously tenants, of which 5 are in the process of being transferred.

A young couple, Annique Hartzenberg (29) and Adolph Wayne Meyer were the first to respond with all the necessary documentation required to purchase their home in Ruyterwacht. Their keen interest ensured a successful home loan application and conclusion of the sale process. Annique and Adolph have been tenants of Communicare for two years with their two children.

Annique said that buying a house was a dream come true. They knew that buying a house is stressful but with Communicare’s help everything went smoothly and they began living their dream.
“Communicare was kind enough to pay our transfer and legal fees and for that, we are forever grateful,” said Annique. This is a new start for Annique and her family. It is indeed a proud moment. “Should anything happen to me from today I will be at peace knowing that I left my children a home.”

New owners and managing agents of flats
Communicare has sold 17 flats to new owners who are awaiting transfer of the property, expected in September 2021. Many of the owners are black entrants into the commercial property market which Communicare is proud to have facilitated. The new owners will take over the management of the flats and tenants’ current leases with Communincare will be ceded to the new owners.

In addition, Communicare has appointed a managing agent for its flats called Aliwal Gardens, Sakabula and Riverton Mews. The new agent will take over the management of the lease from Communicare from 1 September 2021.
Communicare is at an advanced stage of donating a property to an NGO that has operated an early childhood development creche and pre-school in the community.

Special arrangements for the elderly and those who choose to remain tenants
Communicare is well aware that despite all efforts and good intentions some tenants will not be able to purchase their homes and may need to consider alternatives.

Tenants who opt not to, or who cannot purchase, have a few alternatives:

  1. Older tenants and pensioners can be accommodated at our other facilities suitable for their needs.
  2. Tenants can consider alternative accommodation provided by Communicare in its other properties in Pinelands, Bothasig Gardens, Brooklyn, Wynberg, Diep River and others.
  3. Qualifying tenants can be accommodated in social housing developments managed by Communicare.

“I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made over the last five months to work with the community in Ruyterwacht to help tenants purchase the homes they live in. We have made it much easier for tenants to own their homes by working with banks, the City of Cape Town and other finance institutions. We now provide attractive opportunities for our tenants and their families to be homeowners. We expect many more tenants to consider the options available,” said Thabo Mashologu, General Manager of Property Development and Investments at Communicare.


List of flats that will be transferred to new owners:
Birkenhead; Staff; Ysterhout; Cassia; Nymphea; Duiker; Piet-My-Vrou; Saldanha; Crane; Jan Van Riebeeck; Parakiet; Vasco; David Baird; Woltemade; Flamingo; Jasmyn and Kingfisher.

For more information contact:
Balisa Ntloko
PR and Communications Officer at Communicare
021 421 6008