Formidable woman feature: Nelisa Mgxotheni

Communicare doesn’t need just one month to celebrate its female employees! Celebrate with us as we feature our formidable women all year round! Nelisa Mgxotheni, Finance Manager gives us insight into her career journey.

How to strike the balance? Work-Life-Fitness: Debunking the Accountant Stereotype

Q.   You’re a qualified CA, take us through your journey of deciding on this career path? What was the key motivator?

A.   What a difficult question! I think this came about by the process of elimination. It was important for me to find something that fits my personality, provides me with flexibility, excitement, the ability to make a difference in one career path! I also wanted something that was challenging and could afford me to work in any industry.

Q.   You seem to have a good balance of your wellness in terms of Work-Life-Fitness, was it always like this? How did this come to be?

A.   This was not always the case. Having worked in a challenging and stressful field meant that if I am to be effective in my work, I had to find ways to keep healthy and bring the best version of myself each day.

Q.   The stereotype is that accountants are nerds and introverts. We’ve seen that this isn’t always the case with you. What are other untrue assumptions that are said about CAs?

A.   This is hard to say as a society always has untrue assumptions about anything and everything. I would say that it is untrue that this is a man’s word. There is a growing number of females in this field.

Q.   What practical tips would you give individuals especially, those who do work with specialised  skills to help them strike a good balance in Work-Life-Fitness?

A.    Regardless of the field you work in, the healthier you are the stronger you are – take care of yourself!

Q.    What is your wellness routine like?

A.     One sentence to describe this – I wing it – no routine at all! I do what I feel like when I feel like it. Although, I do enjoy road running and hiking as outdoor workouts.