Media Release: Statement on RCA protest, 28 September 2021

Statement on RCA protest

28 September 2021

For immediate release

Communicare is disappointed that the Ruyterwacht Community Association (RCA) and others have embarked on yet another protest against house sales in Ruyterwacht after we agreed to their recommendation to buy the properties owned by their members.

The RCA approached Communicare in August requesting that they purchase their members’ houses in Ruyterwacht as a group of tenants. Communicare requested a written legal mandate from the RCA stating that they have the authority to negotiate on behalf of tenants. This is a reasonable request under the circumstances. The RCA was asked to table their purchase offer which has also not been forthcoming.

We have invited the RCA to join our regular meetings with tenants and their representatives to engage Communicare and the community about their concerns. The door remains open for the RCA to discuss their issues.

“I am surprised that the RCA has now had a change of heart and want to stop the sale of property in Ruyterwacht. Both tenants and Communicare are confused about the RCA’s current position on the sale. It’s unclear if they recognise Communicare as the legitimate owners and want to purchase the property or if they oppose the sale,” said Makhosi Kubheka, COO of Communicare.

Communicare cannot be accused of causing poverty in Ruyterwacht. Tenants have, for many years, appealed to us to implement a sales programme. On the contrary, we have provided decent serviced homes for tenants in a well-established community. We have made it clear that no tenants will be left destitute as a result of the sales programme. Tenants who do not purchase their homes will be accommodated in apartments owned by Communicare.

Many tenants have already purchased their property in Ruyterwacht through this exciting initiative being implemented by Communicare. Our offer to secure a mandate and table an offer from RCA still stands. We will continue to engage constructively with the RCA and all other structures with appropriate mandates who representing our tenants to find amicable solutions.


For more information contact:

Balisa Mancayi​

PR and Communications Officer at Communicare

021 421 6008