Update on eviction notice to building hijackers at Albatros

12 December 2020

Update on eviction notice to building hijackers at Albatros

On 30 October 2020, the Court ordered the eviction of those illegally occupying 12 units in Albatros, a block of flats belonging to Communicare.

The Court gave the occupantsuntil14 December to vacate the premises. The Sheriff of the Court will thereafter evict all those who refuse to leave.

Regrettably, none of the occupants have moved out despite the court giving them more than a months’ notice. If the apartments are not vacated by the date specified by the Court the occupant will be contravening the Court order. The Sheriff of the Court will then step in to implement the Court order by evicting those who insist on unlawfully occupying the units.

Communicare has no jurisdiction over the Sheriff or the implementation of the Court order and is not aware when the eviction will occur. Communicare has no authority to evict illegal occupiers. That is the decision of the Court.

“Communicare has offered the occupants the opportunity to sign leases and become legal tenants. This was rejected. It is unfortunate but there is nothing more Communicare can do.The law will now have to take its course,” said Anthea Houston, CEO of Communicare.

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