Statement on current status on the redevelopment of Welverdiend (26 January 2021)

26 January 2021

Statement on current status on the redevelopment of Welverdiend

Communicare has made progress on the planned redevelopment of one of its properties, Welverdiend in Rondebosch. Tenants were informed in October 2019 about Communicare’s plan to relocate them to suitable accommodation of their choice within our portfolio as a result of the decision to demolish the ageing property with failing infrastructure. Communicare plans to redevelop the property into affordable rental units.

Finding new homes for tenants
Communicare’s key priority was finding new homes for tenants particularly the frail and elderly. We anticipated that the move would be stressful and an emotional experience for the elderly. For several months we offered vacant units, at no extra costs, to the elderly, disabled or for single moms in our nearby properties. Communicare provided ongoing support for tenants through the entire relocation process. Tenants were taken to view available units in the portfolio and could choose the accommodation that was most suitable for their needs. Communicare then helped tenants to pack and arranged for removals companies to transport their belongings to their new homes.

Tenants were moved to accommodation within a 10km radius of Welverdiend in the Southern Suburbs to maintain a sense of community. However, a few tenants have chosen to move to Bothasig which is a bit further. There are 59 tenants who have successfully moved to other accommodation. There are 39 tenants currently living at Welverdiend with 18 scheduled to relocate soon. That leaves 21 tenants who are yet to make a decision.

Current tenants in Welverdiend
Communicare is currently engaging with tenants who haven’t yet taken up alternative accommodation offered at no extra costs. Some tenants are reluctant to move due to the disruption of relocating from Rondebosch while others feel that Communicare should not demolish the building. Should Communicare’s offer be rejected, the organisation will have no option but to cancel lease agreements and issue a notice to vacate within the next 6months. This is the last resort since tenants have had more than a year to consider the attractive offers of alternative accommodation. Communicare has also extended the generous offer to pay for all relocation costs for tenants who opt to move.

Heritage considerations

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