Vulamathuba’s Matric Programme

On 12 August 2023, more than 40 adult learners from previously marginalised communities started their quest to obtain their matric when they attended the Vulamathuba Empumelelo Matric Programme induction.

Why is a Matric qualification essential?
Obtaining a matric certificate will help our students gain access to PIVOTAL (Professional, Vocational, Technical, and Academic Learning) Programmes, fostering a career path and an opportunity to earn a stable income.

Hope for the future
Bradley Solomons
from Steenberg found the induction an “awesome experience”.
I appreciate and love Vulamathuba for giving me this opportunity, as it will help me get a better-paid job to help finance my kids’ education.

Marianna Grootboom from Khayelitsha states,  “Having matric will help me secure a better future, including buying a home for my son.”

Nomaphelo Mgengwana from Mfuleni feels that “Completing the Matric Programme allows me to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher”.

Nelisua Busakwe from Nyanga is excited about all the opportunities Vulamathuba offers, like a Bursary Fund for tertiary education. After completing Grade 12, she wants to study Office Administration. Currently, she is an office assistant but is working towards a better position.”

The Matric Programme forms part of Vulamathuba Empumelelo’s overall objective to expand the organisation’s impact through innovative and focused social development interventions that create an enabling environment to advance the economic mobility of beneficiaries.

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