Removal of trespassers from Communicare’s property: unit 28 Ysterplaat, Brooklyn (14 February 2021)

14 February 2021

Removal of trespassers from Communicare’s property:unit 28 Ysterplaat, Brooklyn

On Sunday evening (7 February 2021), Communicare received notification from residentsin the area and its security company, that there were suspicious movements around Unit 28 Ysterplaat in Brooklyn. Specifically, residents were concerned that the property was about to be occupied. On further investigation, it was found that three armed males and one female had broken into the property. Communicare thereafter opened a break-in and trespassing case at the Maitland offices of the South African Police Service (SAPS; Case Number available upon request). We subsequently advised the trespassers to leave the premises and alerted the SAPS that we would be removing them. On the evening of Tuesday, 9th of February, a security task team, including Servest was assembled, to initiate the removal.

The security team found a security gate welded shut to prevent entry into the unit. One female was subsequently removed from the premises in the presence of a female SAPS officer. She refused to provide identification documents to the SAPS and the security team.As the story developed, the woman was identified as Zuzeka Apollis, who is a former tenant of Communicare.No children were present at the time of the removal. This incident has culminated to the reported actions on Saturday of handing a memorandum to the Maitland police and opening of a case against the organisation. In that sense, the organisation will have to let the lawtake its course.

There seems to be a concerted campaign to illegally occupy our buildings in the area, and this is just one of the incidents.

It is important to note, that all 4 individuals were not Communicare tenants and for this reason, this could notbe classified as an eviction, but rather a removal of illegal occupants.

Communicare continues to encourage engagement with its legitimate tenants on any issues they wish to raise with the organization.

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