Statement on the illegal invasion of units ( 5 March 2021 )

5 March 2021

Statement on the illegal invasion of units

Communicare condemns the actions of those who violently forced their way into 18 apartments at our Goedehoep Rental Complex in Brooklyn on the 2ndand 3rdof March 2021. Trespassers used crowbars to force their way onto the apartments which were being prepared for new tenants to move in. It is important to note that some of the trespassers included women and children. The trespassers welded the security gates of the apartments shut, to lock themselves in.

Their actions caused much distress to our lawful tenants, especially tenants whose apartments were also forced open while they were not home.

The illegal invasions were reported to the Maitland SAPS who refused to assist Communicare. We have reported the misconduct of the police,to the Independent Police Investigative Directorate and the Provincial Police Commissioner.

Urgent action was taken to protect innocent tenants, especially the elderly who have been traumatised by the invasion. Communicare had no option but to remove the illegal trespassers and reclaim its property. This follows the invasion of 3 other free-standing houses in the area.

We are sympathetic to the severe housing crisis, but we cannot allow illegal occupation of our premises. Sadly, it appears that women and children are used to front this illegal activity.

Communicare’s security guards are on-site to restore order and keep tenants safe, especially the elderly.

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