Statement on a letter from the Ruyterwacht Community Association (8 March 2021)

8 March 2021


Statement on a letter from the Ruyterwacht Community Association

“There is nothing illegal about the acquisition or sale of land in Ruyterwacht. About 85% of property has already been sold since the 1980s. Communicare (and its fully owned subsidiary, goodfind Properties) is the registered and legal owner of property which we are selling.

Ruyterwacht is not a social housing development regulated by the Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA). However, Communicare has been working with government to secure two finance opportunities for tenants. Some tenants may qualify for the Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP). The second option is a non-finance linked subsidy, which we would like to access for tenants 60 years and older, and those with permanent disabilities. These are the two government subsidies that may be available. There is no other subsidy available to pay for the transfer of land or property to existing tenants.

We understand the deep desire many tenants feel to own their own properties. The legacy of apartheid prevented this for many. Communicare cannot reverse this legacy but we are embarking on the sale of houses, at discounted prices to some tenants, as a great opportunity to help address this.

We have invited the Ruyterwacht Community Association to meet us so we can understand who they represent and how we can address their concerns constructively.”

-Megan Lennert, Stakeholder Relations Officer at Communicare.

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